About the Author

I have been in the water my whole life.  I started swimming at 4, and swam and played water polo in High School.  I was an All-American and was named to the Youth National Team.  I played 4 years of water polo at a D1 school here in California.  After college, I coached a swim team, and two water polo teams.  In NYC I worked, briefly, as a personal trainer and nutritionist.   In short, I know what I am doing from experience, not hypothesis.
I was late to surfing.  That happens when you grow up in middle Virginia.  I really didn’t learn until 1998, when I was already 22.  I was not a natural.  One of the things holding me back though was that I was living in cold weather regions, or nowhere near the water.  Once the surf bug had bitten me though, I started to experiment with my training and experience to see if I could come up with a dry land/fresh water workout that made me a better surfer than when I left the waves.  Over the years, I was successful in coming up with a verified approach that allowed me to paddle like I never left, overcome the 35 odd pounds that a wet 6/5 wetsuit adds, and reverse a shoulder injury from college that gave my trouble when I surfed a lot.


This blog is a list of tips, appraoches and training points so you can enjoy your next surf, no matter how many weeks or months in the future it may be.


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