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November 13, 2009

Though I just moved to SF and get to surf Ocean Beach everyday, for years I have been living on the east coast and in Europe.  Furthermore, I have been a corporate attorney since 2003, working soul wilting hours at the firm.  Thus most of my surfing since 1996 has been seasonal, or sporadic.

A short list of the surfing meccas that I have lived in includes: Milan Italy, New York City NY, Paris France, Charlottesville VA, Cleveland OH, Pensacola FL, Boston MA, and London UK.   As you can imagine, it was a good month when I got to surf three times and even then, I was often more concerned about frostbite than dropping in.

Fortunately my background as a 4 year D1 water polo player, swim coach, nutritionist and physical trainer helped me to work out effectively out of reach of the ocean so that when the ice finally broke, I could put on my 6/5/4 and paddle out without being overwhelmed.   Further, I have prevented injuries and could outpaddle most of the guys who surf every day.

But it was not until lately, when I had a reunion with some of my old surfing buddies who work for Citi in New York and we all paddled out in Santa Cruz, that I heard from them how frustrated they were that their offseason freshwater work and weight training did NOTHING to improve their surfing.  As a result, it took them most of a 3 week trip to get back into shape.  I asked them what they were doing, and immediately recognized that while the effort was genuine and wholehearted, it was misguided.

This blog is going to try to talk about efficient and effective training outside the ocean, to make your experiences in it better.  There is probably something to be gained for the pro who surfs everyday about strength training without bulking up, or injury prevention, but the target audience will be those people who get out of work at 9pm, or surf Old Orchard in Maine, or live in Wisconsin and travel to Costa or Hawaii a couple times a year.  Maybe this is for people who travel for business, who take 3 weeks off at a time, or for new parents who surf, but cannot make it to the ocean as much as they wanted.

This is stuff that I used training my swim team and the two water polo teams I have taught.  Its stuff I have tested myself.  Its material that I have tested with my friends, and now I share it with you.  Why should the lucky few who can surf everyday have all the fun?